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Private consumer


Wat voor type klant ben je?

What is a dynamic rate?

Your energy rate

Make sure you know your energy rate when your installer visits you. FlexiO will include this energy rate in its smart management.

  1. Do you want smart management with a dynamic rate? Please contact your energy supplier or an energy supplier that offers this. 

    • FlexiO can work with all dynamic rates. FlexiO currently works with the dynamic rates of ENGIE, Luminus, Ebem, Octa+, Ecopower, Eneco, Bolt, Frank Energie, NieuweStroom, Trevion and If the dynamic rate of your choice is not listed here, please contact usContacton.

    • A dynamic rate is only possible if you also have a digital meter.

  2. Do you have a variable rate? Then make sure you know whether this is single or double. You can find this on your energy contract.

  3. Do you have a fixed rate? Then make sure you know whether this is single or double and which energy price (in EUR/kWh) applies. This is the price without network rates and taxes. You can find this on your energy contract.

  4. If your energy rate changes, it is always important that FlexiO knows this to guarantee correct management. 

The MyFlexiO App

Download the MyFlexiO App and register. 

Do this with the email address where you received the 'Welcome to FlexiO' email or with the email address you provided to your installer. Make sure you have your bank account number and the EAN code of your electricity meter at hand.

After registration you can:

  • See what value FlexiO delivers for you

    • The value consists of value creation through smart energy management and soon additional income through grid balancing

    • At the beginning of the calendar month, the value of the previous month will be available  become

  • Control your charging station smartly

  • View your current and historical energy flows


Additional instructions if digital meter is installed after FlexiObox

First make sure yourP1 port is open. Contact your installer. It will ask you to perform either the P1 wired instruction or the P1 wireless instruction. The necessary material is normally available with you. Your installer can confirm whether the instructions have been carried out successfully.

P1 Wired instruction

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3a

Step 3b

  1. Cable of 2 or 5m. Do not renew!

  2. Plug the USB connector into the USB port (free choice) of the FlexiObox. 

  3. Plug the RJ11 connector into the P1 port. The P1 port is the right port of your digital meter.

P1 Wireless instruction


Follow the instructions provided with the Homewizard dongle or watch the video below.

Welcome to FlexiO

FlexiO, the completely worry-free smart control  from LIFEPOWR, reduces your energy bill through smart energy management and will soon realize additional income through grid balancing.  This way you contribute to the energy transition.

We invite you to go through the points below so that the start-up of FlexiO can go smoothly for you.

Welcome to the FlexiO Community!

FlexiO in a nutshell

The P1 Gate

The P1 port allows FlexiO to read the data from your digital meter. This is necessary to guarantee the FlexiO service.

To this end, it is important that you activate the P1 port of your digital meter. You can do this based on these instructions from Fluvius, the local grid operator:Make your digital meter smart | Fluvius


If your installer uses a Home Wizard (this depends on your personal situation) to read this data, he will ask you to carry out these instructions.

Analog electricity meter

Digital electricity meter

Your electricity meter

Don't have a digital meter yet?


If you already have a digital meter, go to the next step.

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