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Treed vandaag toe tot FlexiO

Join our team!

We're currently working hard to create the first big energy community in Belgium to allow as many possible end users to benefit from our smart energy solution, FlexiO. The goal is for FlexiO to not only direct home batteries and solar panels but also EV charging stations and even heat pumps. Our intention is to let thousands of households participate in this community and make as many systems as possible smart in Belgium.

And that’s where you come in. In the role that fits you best.

Discover your possibilities here!

Front Office Assistant

To assure a quick answer and an excellent communication towards our customers

System Integration Engineer

To integrate different brands of Electric Vehicle Chargers.

EMS Developer

To further develop our energy management codebase.

Account Executive B2B

To support our business development by expanding our professional network.

Security Lead

To manage all security issues at LIFEPOWR, including internal edge and cloud security.

Customer Value Creator

To help build out Lifepowr iO's commercial deployment and to assist in executing commercial and operational processes.

System Maintenance Engineer

To guarantee the operation of our devices.