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​Join FlexiO today:

​In short

​Thanks to the integration of FlexiO in your installation and the switch to a dynamic contract:

  1. Realize additional savings with the same installation

  2. You pay the market price for the electricity, but with FlexiO you benefit from the low market prices and avoid the high (peak) prices

  3. You will receive more for your injected electricity by injecting it at times when electricity prices are high

  4. You can charge your car as cheaply as possible if your charging station is controlled

  5. You have an optimal investment since the control also realizes savings when there is no sun

  6. Your battery also works in winter and does not wear out by standing still

  7. Help balance the grid through the LIFEPOWR energy community. You become a supplier of the energy transition and are also paid for this; an additional source of income for your smart battery

  8. Do you support LIFEPOWR's mission to support the energy transition and we think together about our future and that of our children

Why FlexiO?

Sofie explains it to you

How does 


Sofie will tell you in 60 seconds

Fixed rate

  • You always pay the same price for the electricity component for a certain period of time (usually 1 or 3 years).

  • The energy supplier takes the risk of possible rising prices, but indirectly passes this on to you through a higher rate

Variable rate

  • The price of the power component follows the evolution of the market

  • You benefit from low market prices and lose out at higher prices

  • The price is recalculated on a monthly or quarterly basis

  • Settlement is made on the final invoice, not on the advance invoice

Dynamic rate

You pay the real market price that applies to electricity. This is always known 24 hours in advance (the so-called day-ahead prices)

FlexiO gets the most out of your energy contract

Why is a dynamic contract more beneficial for me?

With this type of contract, the energy supplier will pass on the real cost of the electricity to you and therefore takes a much lower (financial) risk than with a fixed or variable contract (since he has to supply electricity for a certain period of time at a price that he does not know in advance). This is translated into a lower “risk premium” from the energy supplier.


By switching to a dynamic energy contract with FlexiO, you can enjoy the low energy prices on the market and bridge expensive periods by using your battery. FlexiO takes these market prices into account in its calculations and will adjust your purchasing and sales strategy accordingly, fully automatically and tailored to your profile. This way you generate additional savings with the same investment. Do you have too much solar power? FlexiO will then inject it into the grid at the right time.

FlexiO controls your charging station smartly

Because your energy contract is linked to a dynamic rate, FlexiO can smartly manage your charging station to reduce the cost of electric driving by up to 60%. FlexiO postpones the charging session when the electricity price is expensive and accelerates charging when the price is low.

If you have to leave quickly and you MUST charge, no problem, various charging modes are available via the App.

FlexiO takes the capacity rate into account

FlexiO takes the capacity rate into account by keeping monthly peaks as low as possible. By gaining insight into your consumption and production profile, FlexiO will make extra use of your battery to avoid high monthly peaks.

However, FlexiO will always make the optimal choice between all parameters that influence your savings. The capacity rate is only one (small) part of this.

One Dashboard for your entire installation

  • One App that visualizes your entire installation and brings the savings per installation part to you in a simple way

  • You always have the current and historical data of your installation at hand

  • When you participate in the LIFEPOWR energy community*, an additional “my income” button will appear. Here you can see the extra monthly income that your installation has generated due to the offered grid balancing*

  • Through this App you will receive a monthly report of your contribution to the LIFEPOWR energy community and its flexibility services. This way you know the calculation of the extra payout that LIFEPOWR will deposit into your account, in every detail*

​*LifePowr expects to activate this service from Q2/2023 and will contact you directly.

What does such a “FlexiO” day look like?

  1. In de nacht van 15/11 op 16/11 gaat FlexiO de batterij nog kort bijladen. Waarom?

    • Om het verbruik van de woning tijdens de “ochtendpiek’’ te dekken. Je ziet dat tijdens de ochtend de parameter “grid’’ (in het rood) op 0 gaat: er is geen afname van het net.

    • Om mogelijks nog extra in het net te injecteren door de goedkope stroom van tijdens de nacht duurder te verkopen tijdens de ochtenduren.

  2. Er wordt door FlexiO extra energie uit de batterij gehaald om de netafname te beperken. Is er energie over in de batterij, dan kan FlexiO ervoor kiezen om nog extra in het net te injecteren om zo extra inkomsten te genereren. In deze situatie heeft het algoritme beslist om dit niet te doen.

  3. Van zodra je PV-installatie begint te produceren, wordt deze energie gebruikt om je thuisverbruik te dekken. Als er nog overschot is, dan wordt dit opgeslagen in de batterij en deze laadt op ( de groene lijn is nu negatief wat wil zeggen dat de batterij stroom opneemt vanaf de PV-installatie = gele lijn)

  4. Rond 14u is het voordeliger om de stroom te verkopen (De prijs is al terug boven de 20 c€/kWh) dan deze op te slaan in de batterij en wordt de overschot van eigen geproduceerde stroom in het net geïnjecteerd.

  5. Omstreeks 16u is de stroom op de markt zo duur geworden (24 c€/kWh) dat FlexiO bepaalt om een deel van de batterij-inhoud te gaan verkopen in plaats van deze bij te houden. De energie die nodig is om de “avondshift” te overbruggen kent FlexiO uit het de historische data en houdt FlexiO als reserve in de batterij. Tussen 16u en 19u wordt er dus maximaal geïnjecteerd aangezien het de duurste periode van de dag is.

  6. Hoewel in deze zelfde periode ook de EV-wagen thuis komt en aan de laadpaal gekoppeld wordt, zal FlexiO deze nog niet opladen. Deze begint pas te laden op 17/11 om 1u ’s ochtends omdat dan de prijzen het laagste zijn.

  7. Ook de batterij wordt nog kort bijgeladen om de ochtendpiek van de
    volgende dag weer te overbruggen.

Elke dag herhaalt dit scenario zich op basis van steeds wijzigende parameters. Het kan dus zijn dat FlexiO op een bepaalde dag een actie “X” doet en op een andere dag een actie “Y” bij dezelfde verbruiken van de woning, puur omdat de situatie anders is.


FlexiO zorgt er dus steeds voor dat de grootste besparing wordt gerealiseerd, elke dag opnieuw, elke dag volledig ontzorgd.​

Let's take the data from a customer and briefly explain some typical actions/moments during a weekday.

What does such a “FlexiO” day look like?

  1. During the night of 15/11 to 16/11, FlexiO will briefly charge the battery. Why?

    • To cover the consumption of the home during the "morning peak". You see that during the morning the "grid" parameter (in red) goes to 0: there is no consumption of the grid.

    • To possibly inject additional energy into the grid by selling cheap electricity during the night at a higher price during the morning hours.

  2. FlexiO extracts extra energy from the battery to limit grid consumption. If there is energy left in the battery, FlexiO can choose to inject additional energy into the grid to generate additional income. In this situation the algorithm decided not to do this.

  3. As soon as your PV installation starts producing, this energy is used to cover your home consumption. If there is any surplus, it is stored in the battery and it charges (the green line is now negative, which means that the battery absorbs power from the PV installation = yellow line)

  4. Around 2 p.m. it is cheaper to sell the electricity (the price is already back above 20 c€/kWh) than to store it in the battery and the surplus of self-produced electricity is injected into the grid.

  5. Around 4 p.m., the electricity on the market has become so expensive (24 c€/kWh) that FlexiO decides to sell part of the battery content instead of keeping it. FlexiO knows the energy needed to cover the “evening shift” from historical data and keeps FlexiO as a reserve in the battery. Maximum injection takes place between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. as it is the most expensive period of the day.

  6. Although the EV car will also arrive home and be connected to the charging station during the same period, FlexiO will not yet charge it. This will only start loading on 17/11 at 1am because that is when the prices are the lowest.

  7. The battery is also briefly charged to cover the morning peak
    bridge again the next day.


This scenario repeats itself every day based on ever-changing parameters. It is therefore possible that FlexiO takes an action “X” on a certain day and an action “Y” on another day with the same consumption of the home, purely because the situation is different.


FlexiO always ensures that the greatest savings are achieved, every day, completely unburdened every day.​

FlexiO generates additional income through the LIFEPOWR Energy Community 

Your battery will be included in a local MEGA battery via the LIFEPOWR Energy Community. This battery helps keep our electricity grid stable so that it can continue to work at all times of the day, despite the erratic peaks and valleys caused by unpredictable wind and solar energy. This service is called grid balancing and the LIFEPOWR Energy community is paid to provide this service.

What does this mean for you? FlexiO ensures that your battery is fully automatically included in this MEGA battery and will only use your battery if this means extra savings for you compared to your own consumption. So you become a supplier of your share of the FlexiO MEGA battery and the LIFEPOWR Energy Community  pays you for the services that your battery provides to grid stability. Simple and honest! LIFEPOWR facilitates all of this automation and will use part of this fee to provide these services. The net additional savings are paid directly into your account, every month, without additional subscription or other service costs. Up to €400 per year*

*this amount is calculated on the basis of the reimbursement for the flexibility services on a battery system with a capacity of 5kW

1  —

Self-learning algorithms

By learning your consumption and production profile, FlexiO will adjust the control of your battery accordingly to keep as much green energy in your home as possible. FlexiO's calculation method adapts to your profile to perfectly coordinate your production and purchase.

2  —

A smart battery

FlexiO turns a classic battery system into a smart installation that takes into account various factors that generate additional savings

  • Prediction of green energy production by your installation

  • Adjust the battery charge so that you keep as much green energy as possible for yourself

  • Injecting excess production into the grid at the right time (when electricity is expensive) in order to receive the highest compensation

  • Charge your battery extra when electricity is cheap to avoid purchasing expensive electricity (e.g. if there is not enough own production)

FlexiO realizes additional savings through smart use of your battery!

What does FlexiO mean to you?

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