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​Join FlexiO today:

FlexiO can achieve additional savings through extra solar production

If you have a solar power installation that is larger than the capacity of your hybrid inverter, this offers new possibilities.

At times of abundant solar energy, FlexiO can partially store the energy in the battery and/or feed it back to the electricity grid. This can only be achieved by using FlexiO.

Thanks to FlexiO, you can harness the additional energy generated by your solar panels and use it in the most cost-effective way. This results in extra savings on your energy bill.

If negative electricity prices are predicted, it is possible to foresee capacity in the battery so that a maximum amount of energy can be stored. In that way injection into the grid at negative electricity prices can be avoided.

Negative electricity prices will occur more in the future. A correct dimensioning of the installation is very important.

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