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​Join FlexiO today:

FlexiO generates additional income through grid balancing.

The electricity grid must always be in balance, meaning that electricity demand and supply must always be equal.


With the increase in renewable energy, this challenge becomes more significant. At the same time, technological advancements allow controllable large consumers and batteries to make a significant contribution to addressing this challenge.

By adjusting your electricity consumption or injection to the grid when there is an imbalance, you help to balance the grid. This process happens automatically, without any action required from you, and in collaboration with other users of the FlexiO Community. As a result, you can achieve additional revenue.


LIFEPOWR aims to contribute maximally to enabling a climate-neutral energy system through the management of consumption and injection. That's why LIFEPOWR is only compensated based on the additional revenue generated. This approach aligns with the goal of promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices while ensuring that the system operates efficiently and effectively.


Within grid balancing, multiple services can be developed.

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