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​Join FlexiO today:

FlexiO gets the most out of your energy tariff

By switching to a dynamic energy contract, FlexiO can effectively respond to various hourly electricity prices throughout the day.


FlexiO will choose to draw electricity from the grid when it is cheapest and inject electricity when it is most expensive. This process happens automatically without any action required from you and results in savings on your energy bill.

Existing energy tariffs:

  • Fixed Price: The price is set for a longer period (1-3 years). This tariff provides your with certainty, and for this, you pay a higher risk premium.

  • Variable Price: The price is not known at the moment you sign the contract. The tariff is fixed for a shorter period, e.g., 1 month or 1 quarter. For this, you pay a moderate risk premium.

  • Dynamic Price: The price is known one day in advance and is determined on an hourly basis. The risk premium charged is very low.

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