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FlexiO takes the capacity tariff into account

FlexiO takes into account your monthly peak consumption.

FlexiO can choose not to increase this peak through smart charging or using the battery.

On the other hand, FlexiO can also decide to increase the monthly peak if the additional costs are outweighed by the benefits. For example, when there is an abundance of electricity available at advantageous prices to charge your electric vehicle.

This process happens automatically without any action required from you and results in savings on your energy bill.

The energy bill:

Your energy bill consists of three parts: energy costs, grid tariffs, and levies. The grid tariffs cover expenses for the construction and maintenance of the electricity grid. You pay them to the distribution grid operator through your electricity invoice.

Since January 1, 2023, the grid tariffs are partially billed based on your consumption, but also partly based on the capacity you use. The capacity you use refers to the amount of energy you consume at a specific moment. The portion of the grid tariffs billed based on capacity is called the capacity fee.

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