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Integration Engineer

LIFEPOWR strives to be a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences and perspectives to apply.

Your challenge

We enable flexible control over energy-assets. This requires perfect synergy between hardware devices and controlling software. This position requires a broad interest in the world of IoT, communication technologies, electronics and programming, together with a passion to build deployable systems with physical devices.

An idea of what's ahead of you:

  • You build API's between our platform and the platform of our partners.

  • You build the communication between our Edge device and local hardware.

  • You search for the most effective solution.

  • You implement solutions digitally.

Why do you match with us

  • First of all you believe in our mission and you're eager to grow and develop our tech start-up. 

  • Energy is our focus: not only in our products and services, also in our spirit! 

  • You fit our mindset of transparency and open communication, focus on durability and growth, and responding fast. 

  • Your good portion of humor is appreciated very much!

  • Your focus is broad: not only are you strong in technical skills, but your open mind towards international collaboration, to flexibility in tasks and responsibilities etc. makes the difference.

  • Getting your hands dirty? Not a problem for you with your down to earth and hands-on mentality!

What we expect

Soft Skills:

  • You are highly motivated, and you have a high inner drive to provide the best solution.

  • You can work independently, and you are not afraid to make impactful decisions.

  • You are a fluent communicator, and you can explain your work adequately to people with and without inside knowledge.

  • You enjoy taking risks, and you can motivate yourself in the absence of supervision.

  • You are result-driven, and you can handle hard deadlines.

  • You are highly conscientious, driven to deliver Quality results, yet able to deal with time and resource constraints.

Technical skills:

  • Technical Education; Master in (Industrial) Engineering Sciences in ICT / Electronics or related engineering field and gained experience in the world of IoT.

  • API's have no secrets for you.

  • You have network knowledge in Linux.

  • You have hands-on experience with integration of separate components, sensors, communication protocols like CAN, RS485, Modbus, software platforms and the cloud. You’ve created functional applications from A to Z (this can be professional or in your free-time).

  • You know your way around a Raspberry Pi and/or other SoC’s.

  • You have a general understanding of the physics behind electrical energy.

  • You have a profound base of coding skills, in JavaScript/NodeJS/Python.

What's in it for you

  • You will be able to contribute to a social relevant subject in an environment that responds quickly to changes.

  • We will give you a lot of independence and the possibility to generate ideas and making impactful decisions.

  • You will work in a cool and international environment where open communication and fun at work go without saying.

  • We will return to you the flexibility that you give us: in working hours, in workspace, in responsibilities,… in mindset.

  • At any moment you will discover something new and challenging… You will get the opportunity to grow, following your talents and ambitions.

  • And last but not least: a remuneration package tailored to your added value to the company.

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