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​Join FlexiO today:

Why does LIFEPOWR need this data now?

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​Your account number

Your account number will be used to collect compensation for smart energy management. We also explicitly ask for your approval for this. No problem! This amount will only be collected after the free period has expired, i.e. from 1/12/2025.

This account number will be used to pay out your extra income through grid balancing

You will be informed about these amounts every month.

You can of course always cancel the FlexiO service by contacting us before the 15th of the month, for cancellation from the 1st day of the following month.


Your EAN code

The EAN code is needed to verify your installation with the grid operator for the FlexiO services

You can find the EAN code of your electricity meter on your energy bill or statement. The EAN code starts with the number 54 and contains 18 digits in total.


Do you need additional questions or support? Please contact LIFEPOWR here. If you wish, you can also provide your telephone number so that we can contact you.

You can also contact your installation partner.

I already have an account

​1. Have you not installed the MyFlexiO App yet? Then first download the MyFlexiO App

​2. Go to the MyFlexiO App


Accept the terms of use - if applicable


Provide your account number - if applicable


Provide your EAN code - if applicable

I don't have an account yet

1. Download the MyFlexiO App

​2. Register on the MyFlexiO App
It is important that you create an account or register with the email address provided to LIFEPOWR by your installer. If you do not know which email address this is, please contact LIFEPOWR.

Accept the terms of use

Enter your name

Enter your account number

Enter your EAN code

​Make a choice:

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Learn more

Why does LIFEPOWR need this information?

​How to complete registration of your account?

​A fee will only be charged for this from 1/12/2025. For EUR 9.95/month you have smart energy management of your battery. For EUR 4.95/month you have smart energy management of your charging station. You can have both for EUR 14.90/month.

​We have determined that your account registration has not yet been completed. Complete your registration now and continue to enjoy the benefits that FlexiO provides. Moreover, after registration, you can still use FlexiO for free until 1/12/2025.

​If you would like more information about Lifepowr and FlexiO, click here

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