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​Join FlexiO today:

The smartest choice for the planet and your wallet

Further reduce your electricity bill

Realize additional revenue

Making a positive contribution to climate challenges

Reduce energy costs and increase revenue

​Example installation in Flanders:

Solar panels




Annual Consumption:

5844 kWh

Smart control of your battery and charging station with FlexiO. Optimal use of solar energy. Easy to install and compatible with common inverters and charging stations.

MyFlexiO App: an overview of your entire installation in one handy spot! 

Real-time overview

All historical and actual data of your solar panels, home battery and charging station in one place.

Learn more

Savings overview

Overview of savings on your energy bill from your solar production, battery, and FlexiO, as well as additional earnings from FlexiO.

Learn more

Control EV charger

Smart charging: Manage your charging station and choose from various charging modes for your EV.

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FlexiO: Save and earn more

Get more out of your energy tariff

Dynamic rate

FlexiO responds optimally to both low and high hourly prices throughout the day

Take your peak consumption into account

Capacity Tariff

FlexiO knows your monthly peak and takes this into account optimally

FlexiO: Save and earn more

Solar yield

FlexiO realizes additional savings through additional solar production and avoids additional costs at negative prices.

Realize extra revenue

Grid balancing

FlexiO provides additional revenue by helping to balance the electricity grid


Solar panels


Dynamic tariff 

Visual Designer

Henk van Rooij


FlexiO user since: 2023

Solar production: 12362 kWh

Consumption: 11684 kWh

A year ago I discovered FlexiO through my energy advisor. With a modern villa with solar panels, battery and heat pump, I initially had a high energy bill. Thanks to FlexiO, this is now considerably lower: only EUR 617. One step closer to achieving my zero bill. I recommend FlexiO to my friends. For me it is really a sport to save on my energy!


Solar panels


Dynamic tariff

Art Director

Rene Doff 


FlexiO user since:2022

Solar production: 5600 kWh

Consumption: 7400 kWh

We are committed to sustainability and invested in solar panels a few years ago. When we abolished the reversing counter, we added a battery. Thanks to FlexiO, we can use our installation more intelligently and keep our monthly energy costs low, especially now that we have also added a heat pump and charging station.


Solar panels


Dynamic tariff

UX Specialist

Wim Geerts


FlexiO user since: 2022

Solar production: 6690 kWh

Consumption: 6070 kWh

For me, FlexiO means saving without making any effort. I also immediately opted for a dynamic energy contract when I switched to FlexiO. I have already recommended it to a colleague and see the savings as a discount on my holiday budget!

Real stories:
Save with FlexiO

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Start lowering your energy costs and increasing earnings.

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