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Where smart energy 

grant for home battery in flanders

iO's bi-directional control meets all
qualifications for the home battery
grant in Flanders.

iO is much more than just smart solar storage,


Solar power and battery systems are becoming highly popular on our path to net zero.


Unfortunately, most solutions lack the intelligence needed to deliver on their promised return through time, while their impact on the energy transition is minimal.

By adding some smart algorithms to the mix, we can together solve these issues. That is exactly what "iO" does, as a simple integrated solution, in a complex and technical energy space.



iO is a simple "smart device" that integrates with your home battery and other energy assets, measures your energy consumption &
production and then optimizes power flows
while considering the needs

of the energy markets

iO's machine learning algorithms

then continuously adapt how to operate and optimally match your daily behaviour to 
weather forecasts and market signals.

In doing so, iO guarantees to get the

absolute max out of your system,

at any point in time!


iO is a Win for you and a
Win for the Energy Transition 

iO Minimizes your electrical bill, while stabilizing the power grids!

Whatever the situation, today or 10 years from now, iO will maximize your returns by boosting your solar self-consumption, reducing power peaks and by storing cheaper off-peak energy from the grid. When prices peak, stored energy is injected back to the grid – energy rate arbitrage made easy!

The name iO symbolises the synergy between hardware and software

Combining input and Output of physical power flow with the 1's and 0's, the Bits and Bytes for data and digital control.

Welcome to our Virtual powr community:

Sharing makes things better, especially energy!

Connecting a network of households together to form one large virtual power community allows us to share energy surplus capacity, perform external market arbitrage and offer balancing services.


Together, united as producers and consumers, we maximize the benefits for us all. 


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