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Treed vandaag toe tot FlexiO:

EMS Developer

LIFEPOWR strives to be a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences and perspectives to apply.

Your challenge

Your responsibilities will vary, but mostly you will work on the further development of our energy management codebase. An idea of what's ahead of you:

  • You will support and define the new Energy Management System applications for the cloud or the FlexBox, our IoT device, their continuous monitoring and deployment in the field. 

  • You will push forward the development of our different EMS applications with stability improvements, alerting and updating components.

  • You will support and define the new improvements of our testing infrastructure.

  • You will help developing and troubleshooting our running applications.

Why do you match with us

  • First of all you believe in our mission and you're eager to grow our tech start-up.

  • Energy is our focus: not only in our products and services, also in our spirit!

  • You fit our mindset of transparency and open communication, focus on durability and growth, and responding fast.

  • Your good portion of humor is appreciated very much!

  • Your focus is broad: not only are you strong in the expected technical skills, but your open mind towards international collaboration, to flexibility in tasks and responsibilities etc. makes the difference.

  • Getting your hands dirty? Not a problem for you with your down to earth and hands-on mentality!

What we expect

Soft skills

  • Result-driven and a high hands-on, problem-solving mentality.

  • Eagerness and ability to learn constantly and to respond rapidly to changes.

  • You are highly motivated, and you have a high inner drive to provide the best solution.

  • You can work independently, and you are not afraid to make impactful decisions.

  • High sense of ownership and willingness to take responsibility over large projects.

  • A structured work-ethic with clear task planning and division over team members.

  • The ability to provide clarity on complex topics and to communicate effectively within and outside the team.

  • You are highly conscientious, driven to deliver Quality results, yet able to deal with time and resource constraints.

Technical skills

  • Technical Education; Master in Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science or equivalent by experience and gained experience in the world of IoT.

  • You have a strong logical and analytical mind.

  • You have experience with linear programming, and more specific with convex optimization. This can be professional, as a part of your thesis or another practical experience.

  • You are passionate about Cloud computing and dealing with data, not new to the world of IoT and having a basic understanding of the physics of the machines we are working with and their purpose.

  • You have the ability to visualise specific datasets in an interface and maintain codebases during testing and operation. 

  • To hit the ground running, knowledge of C++ and Python is required, knowledge of C is a plus.

  • Fluent in English, both conversational as written.

What's in it for you

  • You will be able to contribute to a social relevant subject in an environment that responds quickly to changes.

  • We will give you a lot of independence and the possibility to generate ideas and making impactful decisions.

  • You will work in a cool and international environment where open communication and fun at work go without saying.

  • We will return to you the flexibility that you give us: in working hours, in workspace, in responsibilities,… in mindset.

  • At any moment you will discover something new and challenging… You will get the opportunity to grow, following your talents and ambitions.

  • And last but not least: a remuneration package tailored to your added value to the company.

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