Make your home Energy Transition proof 

Step 1: Get storage

Join our exclusive Pilot Program. We'll add a home-battery to your existing or new solar panels to deliver instant higher self-sufficiency with immediate returns.

After consulting you, we'll decide which extra energy improvements we can make, tailored to your consumption and household needs such as smart EV charging and heating.

This is your chance to adopt state-of-the-art energy technology at the lowest possible investment and fastest payback. We're waiving all mark-ups for those who join our Pilot Program! 

Don't miss out and ask for a quote today. This program will run for a limited time only. 

Tell us something about your energy consumption:

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Step 2: Make it smart

Hello Pilot Pioneer!

Select a software plan and be welcomed to our virtual energy community


Valorise your newly gained power-flexibility by opting in on one of the FlexiO plans and accelerate your return! 

FlexiO Energy Plus members profit from the additional benefits of energy sharing:

We put your assets to work, so you get paid

for your surplus capacity and balancing activities.