Choose your FlexiO plan

  • Smart Battery

    Every month
    Optimized control over your home battery
     90 day free trial
    • Smart Energy Management that adapts to regulatory changes
    • Peak Shaving: Ready for the Capacity Tariff
    • Optimizes to weather forecasts
    • Over-The-Air feature and system updates
    • Interacts with Digital Meter (P1 port)
  • Best Value

    Full FlexiO

    Every month
    Benefit from Energy Market interaction!
     30 day free trial
    • All Smart Battery benefits
    • +
    • Inject your surplus solar at the best possible rate
    • Get compensated for balancing activities
    • Benefit from dynamic energy market-prices
    • Includes a maintenance contract to guarantee your uptime
    • Typically more than 20% additional savings per year

Select the power plan that fits you best

Choose between local optimization for your home

'Smart Battery',

or join the virtual energy community to get the most
out of your new equipment thanks to
the benefits of energy market
interactions 'Full FlexiO'.

We put your assets to work,
accelerate your system payback

and aid the energy transition

in the best way possible! 

Savings Guarantee

An active membership will generate higher savings
than the fee of the power plan itself.

 This means that an active FlexiO subscription will always deliver value to you. 

We guarantee this through a refund of the difference if your annual savings are lower than the service fee