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To make the energy transition a reality, large storage and grid balancing capacities are an essential ingredient. By working together, a large network of connected home batteries can help us achieve that goal.

— Dries Bols

Cut Energy Costs

Be Independent

Live Sustainably

Going solar is excellent – an overloaded grid isn’t

Homes generate more energy than they can directly consume. This excess power is fed back into the grid, which not only is a waste of money but also creates an unstable power network. A home-battery has a double value in keeping the grid balanced by providing extra power during peak hours, as well as relieving it when it’s overloaded.

Boost your home’s self-consumption

Solar panels alone don’t make your home self-sufficient. Did you know the average solar home only uses about 30% of their generated energy? Storing your self-produced energy to use at night or on a cloudy day, is essential to make the sun into a genuinely sustainable power source.

Tap into the best energy rates

Minimize your electricity bill with the help of a home-battery. With or without solar, you maximize the usage of cheaper power by storing off-peak energy from the grid. When prices peak, the stored energy can even be pushed back to the grid – energy rate arbitrage made easy!

Meet IO

LIFEPOWR residential storage battery sys

The only home-battery smart enough to adapt to your day-to-day, and flexible enough to grow with you.


IO stands for Inputs and Outputs, symbolizing the physical flow of power and signals. IO also stands for bits and bytes, symbolizing the data and digital control.

IO’s local energy management combined with the power and opportunities of a more substantial capacity pool, guarantees optimal revenue streams in real-time, in any situation.

A Battery with a Brain and a Flexible Body

Thanks to the synergy between hardware and software, IO will continuously monitor the energy market and maximize the return on your system. It doesn’t stop there. Since energy consumption and behavior will change over time, IO will even adapt its hardware, to maintain maximal value throughout time.



IO is built from modular power bricks that allow scaling based on individual energy behavior and needs – at any point in time.


Plug & Play

IO’s click and connect system allows for fast, easy and inexpensive installations and adaptations.



Engineered for safety and stability

IO battery modules are built with lithium-iron phosphate cells (LiFePO4) for higher safety, longer life-cycle and lower environmental impact than cells comprised of Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt.

FlexIO: Powr community

IO enables 100% usage of renewable energies by opting-in on FlexIO. FlexIO connects a network of individual producers to form one large virtual power community. Members are then allowed to buy and sell their self-generated power to other members within the pool.


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