Our Vision. Our Mission.
What we do and Why we're doing it.

In our collective efforts towards a decarbonised future, LIFEPOWR develops technology to accelerate the transition to clean and affordable renewable energy.

Our integrated software and hardware solution delivers significant added value to both individual households and society as a whole, by valorising energy consumer flexibility and offering grid balancing services.


We achieve this by operating large networks of virtually connected homes, enabling fleet control over distributed IoT batteries and loads, linked to residential solar panels (PV).


This approach enables new scalable business models, allowing our partners to bring strong propositions to the market and simplify energy technology complexities for households.

This will help us collectively on our path to renewable energies, where we take our responsibility for the future, with benefits for our economy, society and the environment. People, Planet, Profit.


LIFEPOWR has been developing power solutions since 2015. Currently a team of 12, we cover core expertise in development and engineering, more specifically on lithium battery (management) systems, electronics, Virtual Power Plants, IoT, Big data, Machine learning and dealing with complex mathematical problems.

Our Team

Together we’re creating the necessary impact for a better tomorrow. Developing technology for #renewable #energystorage #gridbalancing

Dewan Pieterse
Embedded systems & Communications
Antonio Dias_edited.jpg
António Dias
Chief Cloud, Data & IoT
Dries Bols
CEO, Product Architect
Ian Beyst
Software Architecture
Dennis Celen
Product Developer
YanNan LIU
Product Development
Dr. Ing. Pablo Frack
Power Systems Engineer
Bram Everts
Electrical Engineering