Our Vision. Our Mission.
What we do and Why we're doing it.

LIFEPOWR develops smart energy technologies to aide in the global transition towards renewable energies.

Our advanced control algorithms deliver significant added value to households, businesses and society as a whole, by valorising energy consumer flexibility from decentral energy storage and loads.


We virtually connect distributed energy assets such as batteries, electric vehicle chargers and solar panel inverters into large networks of aggregated flexible capacity, to balance energy needs and optimize the impact of renewable energies.

Our partners use our technology to bring new energy-service propositions to the market, in simple, integrated solutions.


We take the path to net zero serious, and we are convinced that our algorithms can make the necessary difference 


LIFEPOWR is developing power solutions since 2015. We cover core expertise across energy management strategies, systems and solutions, energy engineering, energy storage systems, Virtual Power Plants, IoT devices and infrastructure, Big data, Machine learning and dealing with complex mathematical problems.

The Team

Together we’re creating the necessary impact for a better tomorrow. Developing technology for #renewable #energystorage #gridbalancing

Dewan Pieterse
Embedded & system Integration Engineer
Antonio Dias_edited.jpg
António Dias
Chief Cloud, Data & IoT
Ian Beyst
Dennis Celen
Product Developer
Dries Bols
CEO, Product Architect
YanNan LIU
Product Development
Mutayab Khalid
João Mário
Software Engineer
Rui Palma
System Integration Engineer
profielfoto GS1 (2).jpg
Catherine Vosté

Board & advisory

Paul Matthijs
Board member
Philippe Jadoul
Board member
Christophe Degrez
Board member
Stéphane Ryelandt
Board member
Michel Allé