Our Vision. Our Mission. Why we do what we do.

LIFEPOWR originated from the idea of powering anything, anywhere – or as we like to call it, energy freedom.

In 2015, the LIFEPOWR A2 became the first commercial powerbank with an integrated AC Mains outlet (120W/230V) mobilizing possibilities for people and power.

Today, LIFEPOWR is accelerating the energy transition towards affordable, renewable energy. With the necessary expertise in Li-ion technology, Battery Management Systems, Power Electronics and IoT, we are developing a modular residential energy storage solution called IO.

IO simplifies access to all benefits of a home battery: a lower electricity bill, independence and reduced carbon footprint!


Tomorrow, we will operate a vast network of these residential systems as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), capable of delivering vital balancing services to our electricity grid.

This large scale impact motivates us to, together, build something that can help all of us forward. Making our grid more stable, reducing energy costs, simplifying the complexity of installing a home battery and last but not least achieve sustainable, yet climate-neutral and circular economy.

Our Team

Together we’re creating the necessary impact for a better tomorrow. Designing technology for #renewable #energystorage

Alejandro Bedoya
António Dias
Bas Bodenan
Bram Everts
Deepa Kulkarni
Dennis Celen
Dries Bols
Ian Beyst
Ivanna Koniukh
Dr. Ing. Pablo Frack
YanNan LIU


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