5 reasons to get energy storage now

Solar energy has been exponentially rising in the past decade alone. Its biggest drawback is that we cannot use its power at all times. That’s where energy storage comes into play. It’s been one of the hottest topics in the electricity world over the past years. And for a good reason. 

Help relieve the national grid


While green energy is renewable, it isn’t always available. The wind doesn’t always blow, nor does the sunshine. Therefore, it’s crucial to capture the power to use it during times when it isn’t so. A lot of national infrastructures (Belgium included) are under a lot of pressure right now. More and more European countries are facing the possibility of blackouts, and there is an urgent need for a different source of power. Energy storage solutions help lower the demand for constraining national infrastructures.


Become more independent


With the possibilities of power cuts, it helps to feel safer by knowing you can’t be affected. Think of it as your own personal back up to avoid the inconvenience of being left in the dark. Home batteries also reduce the amount of power you need to get from the grid, which ultimately makes you more independent. 

Save on your electricity bill


Apart from independence, it reduces your energy bills. Significantly. With a system large enough, you might not even have to pay any. Even if that is not the case, with smart monitoring that some batteries have, you can stay on top of your household spendings and minimize shocking electricity bills.


Limit losses after FIT removals


A lot of European countries are reducing feed-in tariffs (FIT’s) incentives, with some completely revoking them. By consuming your own electricity, you end up saving more money as well. One of the reasons why homeowners flocked to get a solar system were these incentives, and with them being so minimal or gone, the only possible solution to turn to are home batteries.

Reduce carbon footprint


With as much as 80% of the world being powered on fossil fuels, you can be the one to take a stand and contribute to making a difference. You can reduce your impact on environmental changes by powering your home on solar as much as you can. An average solar system can help reduce the amount of CO² by almost 2 tonnes every year. Imagine how much that number would increase with the addition of a battery.




Energy storage solutions are the best solution to help you save on your bills as well as save the planet. Investing in just Solar Panels is a thing of the past, especially now that battery storage systems are becoming affordable, and an even better investment.